Course Overview:
Diversity Delivers

Successful businesses are ones that recognize and support diversity in the workplace. Diversity comes from many places including: personality, background, race, gender, age and time with an organization. Our first impression comes from what we see; however, how we build positive relationships goes much deeper. Often people with similar personalities attract each other, while individuals with opposite personalities often avoid interacting. How do we leverage these differences to improve performance?

Learn how to build stronger relationships by getting to know something about the people who work with you. We have a lot more in common than most people think. Exposure to the history of a company and where an organization’s culture comes from promotes a basis for understanding and stronger work relationships between the seasoned professional and newer employees. Knowledge and understanding provide common ground for working together.

Leverage difference to support your business mission, values and strategic plan. "When we all think alike no one is thinking very much." We have a choice whether to build relationship Walls or relationship Bridges. Learn how our judgments affect how we see others. Looking at the Primary and Secondary dimensions of diversity and how society views members of a specific group allows awareness to shape judgments through understanding. Be aware of the strengths each individual brings to the workplace for better understanding and communications and a happier more productive and profitable work environment will evolve.

Learn how to:

  • Leverage diversity for business and personal success
  • Understand the importance of supporting your organization's values
  • Look at what can be done individually to promote diversity
  • Investigate where differences come from
  • Increase awareness of corporate culture and where it comes from
  • Look at group behavior and how it impacts the business
  • Examine how we see ourselves and others
  • Learn how to remove barriers to communication
  • Develop techniques to build bridges to stronger relationships
  • Develop a personal bridge for change

Target Audience: ALL Employees

Optimal Program Length: 1 Day

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