Course Overview:
Diversity: The Power of Differences

Understanding diversity means being aware of each individual’s differences and the complimentary power of differences. From perspectives to experience, each individual contributes their talent to the work tasks at hand. Diversity comes from various areas—gender, age, race, childhood, region of country, scope of past experiences, and many others.

Diversity is the differences that make each of us unique. Learning to value and appreciate these differences is critical to success in today's workplace. Look at your organization's values and tie those values to understanding and supporting diversity in the business. Understand and implement Equal Opportunity policy. Leverage difference to support your business mission.

"When we all think alike no one is thinking very much." How and why do we see things differently? We have a choice whether to build relationship Walls or relationship Bridges. Learn how our judgments effect how we see others. Suspend judgment for better understanding and communications to create a happier more productive and profitable work environment.

Learn how to:

  • Identify the values that are linked to diversity.
  • Understand the importance of supporting the organization's values and Equal Opportunity policy.
  • Look at what can be done by each individual.
  • Investigate where differences come from.
  • Look at group behavior and how it impacts the business.
  • Understand how much we have in common.
  • Examine how we see ourselves and others.
  • Learn how to remove barriers to communication.
  • Develop techniques to build bridges to stronger relationships.
  • Develop a personal commitment for change.

Target Audience: All employees benefit from the awareness of diversity information in the workplace.

Optimal Program Length: 1 Day

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