Course Overview:
Anger Management

Anger is a normal emotion. Everyone gets angry. But what happens when people get angry and don’t know how to handle the anger? Often one of two coping methods result: holding the anger in (imploding) or letting the anger out (exploding). With the first method an individual may be passive aggressive, use sarcasm or be self-loathing. With the second method the individual releases anger inappropriately resulting in road rage, losing control and violence, such as fighting. Neither is an effective way to manage anger.

In this Anger Management program individuals are taught how to understand and manage anger using the Five Rules of Anger Management. These rules are really tools individuals can use to put themselves back in control and create effective gauges and monitoring systems for their anger.

Participants explore the stresses that impact their anger and inventory their anger “hotspots”, understanding that these are different for each one of us. This class also investigates the different emotional states we experience showing how anger can build to an implosive or explosive situation.

Participants will develop the ability to see the big picture, gaining clarity, while recognizing their personal anger triggers and symptoms. In this way an individual’s recognition and understanding puts him/her in a position to better cope with anger.

When you know how to handle your anger, you can use this powerful emotion for empowerment and positive change, aptly responding to situations and working on more positive outcomes for yourself and others. This one-day program is offered by ADI Performance in cooperation with New Hope/Anger Management, Inc. and teaches the New Hope method of anger management.

Learn how to:

  • Understand and Manage Anger
  • Use the Five Rules of Anger Management
  • Recognize Defense Mechanisms
  • Check Your Stress Level
  • Recognize Feelings that Trigger Anger
  • Discover the Power of a Safety Net
  • Set Yourself Free from Anger and Resentment through Forgiveness

Target Audience: ALL Employees

Optimal Program Length: 1 Day

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