Course Overview:
Conflict Management

Conflict is inevitable. Sometimes people may be afraid of it and handle it poorly, allowing problems to fester and grow. At other times individuals may use it to control and manipulate others. Or we can accept that conflict is necessary for things to improve or change.

It’s how we respond to conflict that determines whether we see it as a means to encourage innovation and find answers, or as something to be avoided. If you understand the role conflict plays in your work and personal relationships, and you have the proper behaviors and environment, you can make conflict work for you to find better, and often unexpected, solutions. Conflict is normal and an integral part of the way we make progress. Learning how to use it properly can maximize the positive aspects of conflict. Part of this process is exploring the emotions that can occur during the resolution process, understanding that such emotions are normal.

To manage conflict effectively you have to understand: its function, the norms and the process. As conflict is inevitable and it can make a positive impact on relationships and teamwork, the question becomes, “How can I maximize the benefits of conflict and avoid the consequences of destructive behavior?”

To make conflict work for you, it’s up to you to foster a SAFE environment that encourages constructive behaviors and helps facilitate a productive dialogue. Creating a SAFE environment takes time. It is a constructive and purposeful process. Learn how to set the tone so everyone receives the same consideration.

You can turn conflicts into solutions with the proper ground work and a SAFE environment.

Learn how to:

  • Develop a methodology to reduce hostile conflict and create resolution
  • Understand the dynamics of conflict and use it to a positive advantage
  • Learn how to be in control in any conflict situation
  • Explore the art of moving from conflict to dialogue to long term collaboration
  • Value the true functions of conflict and how they can be a powerful team building tool
  • Create an environment where conflict is used to come to the best solution

Target Audience: ALL Employees

Optimal Program Length: 1/2 Day

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