Course Overview:
Totally Responsible Individual

Many organizations are ravaged by conflict, misunderstanding and poor communication which leads to stressed working relationships, low productivity and deficient working environments. How well an organization manages these challenges determines its ability to thrive in this competitive marketplace.

Having totally responsible people on your team leverages personal accountability for the benefit for the individual, the work group and the organization as a whole. Certainly, the first step in this process is an increase of an individual’s awareness in the areas of personal responsibility and being prepared for unexpected, chaotic events. We have entered the 21st century and live in some challenging times; however, we are not victims; we do have choices. Part of being able to make good choices is built on some key factors including: rest, mental alertness and strong relationships. Developing and keeping up good practices puts you in control. Getting your arms around these concepts can be straight forward, yet the execution, the daily implementation of them leaves the average person floundering. This program focuses on moving beyond understanding to action.

We will explore two aspects of individual responsibility:

  • What we can do to maximize our readiness for unplanned circumstances, and
  • What actions to take when chaos strikes.

Prepare yourself to handle situations that arise that put yourself or the company at risk and develop the skills you need to act in a prudent and decisive way. A critical part of being effective on the job is being able to make decisions under demanding circumstances. There is nothing worse than making no decision. Participants will explore how decision-making is a constantly changing, adaptive process. How to handle criticism and remove it from cluttering one’s judgment will also be reviewed. Self-confidence and a firm understanding of what decision-making is empowers individuals to make decisions, take action and manage outcomes.

Learn how to:

  • Become a more effective leader.
  • Enhance personal well-being for greater personal power personally and professionally.
  • Develop a stronger self-understanding that embraces opportunities for development and leverages strengths and good habits.
  • Grow influence and build stronger relationships.
  • Enhance decision-making under pressure.
  • Manage chaotic situations.

Optimal Program Length: 1 Day

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