Course Overview:
High Performance Teams

Everyone knows when one plus one equals three or more--when people really function as a team! There are several critical elements to creating a high performance team including: developing common goals, identifying team inhibitors and addressing those inhibitors to enable goal achievement. In addition, each individual within a team must both identify and understand their roles and responsibilities in contributing to the team as a whole. Part of this is the ability to distinguish between types of behavior that can make teams work or destroy a team.

Hands-on activities and exercises allow participants to experience how a cohesive team can reap powerful results. Experiencing this synergy, participants are prepared to apply these skills which facilitate goal achievement. Exploring the challenges and rewards of team membership, participants delve into developing open communications, the benefits of interdependence and taking risks. The team will review how to examine opportunities for individual and team improvement without personal attacks. Ultimately, high performance teams have a firm grip on team process which allows them to adjust to and manage team change.

Everyone reaps enormous benefits when team members work within a true team atmosphere. This atmosphere includes valuing individual contributions, building trust and developing a cooperative environment. Experience what it takes to motivate a team to operate at a heightened level of performance. Using the techniques learned in this course, you can optimize your most important asset, the backbone of your business – your people.

Learn how to:

  • Build a high performance team.
  • Understand your role and responsibilities as a team member.
  • Focus team behavior for goal achievement.
  • Increase productivity through cohesive team efforts.
  • Tackle performance challenges.
  • Remove communication barriers
  • Develop techniques for building bridges for stronger relationships
  • Work from a basis of trust and cooperation.
  • Review areas for individual and team improvement avoiding personal attacks.
  • Implement the critical elements to dynamic leadership.

Target Audience: Employees who work with others in either an informal or formal team environment

Optimal Program Length: 3 Days

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