Course Overview:
Change Management

The world is changing by the minute. Along with world changes come business changes. The way you and your employees anticipate, adjust to and embrace change significantly impacts your success. Identifying and satisfying the moving target of your marketplace demands innovation, adaptability and personal accountability. Teaching employees to understand and implement change is an essential part of achieving these goals.

Change can be an overwhelming thing. It is easy for employees to become “victims” of change. By encouraging people to sharpen and use their communication skills to gather information, businesses can avoid the negative reaction syndrome and reinforce taking control of situations. The ability to D.E.A.L. with change within the organization in a positive and professional way is an important competitive edge. Employees who understand changing organizational goals and can respond to the changes with fluidity and enthusiasm add value to your business and bring a better experience to your customers. The areas covered in this program include:

  • Responding to and understanding the need to change with the demands of the marketplace
  • with change and the stages of change
  • Applying your organization values
  • Understanding and implementing organizational expectations
  • The Power of Questions
  • Personal Accountability

Everyone is impacted by change. However, when we engage our resources to understand and implement the change, we gain an element of control that allows us to experience change from a positive perspective.

Learn how to:

  • Make change a positive force.
  • Identify opportunities for growth.
  • Manage business change effectively.
  • Apply proactive solutions.
  • Ensure highest standards of quality throughout any transition.
  • Use questions to obtain and clarify information.

Target Audience: ALL Employees

Optimal Program Length: 1 Day

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