Course Overview:
Employee Branding: Attracting and Keeping Great Customers and Talented Employees

Every growing organization is looking for more customers and qualified, capable staff. An important part of attracting and keeping customers and employees is constructing and executing a mindset that sees current employees as a core part of building and contributing to the company brand. Such branding encourages customers to do business with your organization and attracts highly talented individuals to come work with your company. It also facilitates employees who are well networked within a given community, which can be leveraged to the benefit of the employee and the organization. Ultimately, this results in selling the company as both a great place to do business and a great place to work.

When on the phone or in front of a client or prospect, employees have an opportunity to influence opinions and perceptions of the company. How employees speak, act and portray themselves reflects not only on the individual, but also on the company. An individual’s behavior has direct and indirect consequences. Research has demonstrated that the most powerful method of advertising is word of mouth. Would a current client refer and/or recommend your product or services to others? Referrals have a strong grounding in the relationship an employee has with a client. Thus good relationships result in positive results. However, if a customer complains about your employees or your company or says nothing because of unsatisfactory dealings – the yield, or lack thereof, is most certainly a negative consequence. Bottom line, your employees are your greatest recruitment tool, whether “recruiting” customers or employees.

Learn how to:

  • Focus on the power of employee branding
  • Understand the value of being the company brand
  • Be a customer advocate
  • Examine the most important question “Would you want to do business with
  • ourself/company?”
  • Demonstrate company values and image anytime and anywhere
  • Leverage the impact you have on potential job candidates
  • Position yourself to gather valuable information, as well as discover business opportunities
  • Become skilled at demonstrating a winning attitude and personal demeanor at all times

Optimal Program Length: 1 Day

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