Course Overview:
Total Expression: Sales Professionals

Nothing happens until a sale is made. In today’s high tech, highly competitive world, success is based not only on product knowledge and sales skills, but also on sales professionals’ ability to communicate their sales message. Ultimately, the sales professional is the sales message. Many sales are lost not due to poor products or lack of sales skills, but from underdeveloped communication skills.

The ability to effectively communicate your message while connecting with your customers on their level, is fundamental to sales success.

Learn how to use the elements of showmanship to tailor your sales message and build relationships with your clients both in person and on the telephone. This program provides sales professionals with the opportunity to experience the impact showmanship can make on the sales process while experientially internalizing the skills he/she is learning. Interactive exercises, participant’s presentations, facilitated feedback and videotape are used to facilitate skill development and behavioral change.

Total Expression for Sales Professionals provides a competitive edge to the sale professional, ensuring that your sales message is clear and brings the customer to a purchase decision.

Learn how to:

  • Implement the 5 critical elements of any sales presentation.
  • Be more energized, yet in control of your presentation.
  • Employ rules of thumb that will make your sales presentation more professional.
  • Communicate more effectively with your audience.
  • Utilize your voice and body for a more professional sales message.
  • Ensure the words you use connect with your customer.
  • Use your sales material to effectively support your sales effort.
  • Close the sale.

Target Audience: Sales professionals, both novice and seasoned , benefit from improving their Total Expression.

Optimal Program Length: 3 Days

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