Course Overview:
Total Expression: Train the Trainer

This program provides training professionals with the tools necessary to make training interventions powerful learning opportunities. How well your employees are being trained on the skills and knowledge they need to be most effective on the job is directly related to the effectiveness of the trainer. Success is based not only on the trainer’s knowledge of the program, but also on the trainer’s ability to clearly communicate the training message.

Train the Trainer works with every aspect of presentation and showmanship skills including voice, body language, presence, rapport, facial expression, etc., using a technique called Total Expression. This technique noticeably accelerates participant skill development resulting in dramatically improved training interventions that produce increased training transference and knowledge retention by students.

Participants will also learn the secret to powerful visual aids. When used properly visual aids will dramatically add to an instructor’s message. Other critical tools participants will learn include creating a message that can be easily remembered by students and learning how to be prepared for challenging situations so nobody sees you sweat. Things may not always go according to plan, but through some simple techniques taught in this program you can make a bad situation work for you and win your students over.

Each trainer will gain more poise and self-confidence by seeing him/herself succeed and excel. Videotaped feedback will be used to enhance skill-building practice. This is all accomplished in a relaxed, nurturing environment where everyone wants to see each person do well. This program is custom designed to enhance the skills of instructors whether they are novices or seasoned professionals. Make your training the best it can be.

Learn how to:

  • • Establish a professional presence.
    • Deliver dynamic learning interventions.
    • Build faster rapport with your audience.
    • Develop a more engaging voice.
    • Practice and improve the use of visual aids.
    • Develop strategies to handle classroom challenges.
    • Increase student learning and retention.

Target Audience: Trainers, both novice and seasoned professionals.

Optimal Program Length: 3 Days

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