Course Overview:
Total Expression: The Competitive Edge

A recent survey of top business executives asked what skill was most lacking in leaders of the future. “Good communication skills” was the answer most often given. Are you satisfied with being a poor or average communicator?

Our proven method teaches you to refine your communication skills and reduce your fear of presenting your ideas to others. Learn the key steps to establishing a professional presence through exercises designed to give you hands-on experience with high-performance techniques. Gain more poise and self-confidence by seeing yourself succeed and excel. One-on-one feedback provides real-time skill-building practice. Total Expression experiential learning techniques guarantee that you will immediately be able to translate this training directly to your work and personal activities.

What makes this course unique? You will be able to accomplish all of this in a relaxed, nurturing environment where everyone wants to see you succeed!

Building on each participant’s communication skills provides the foundation necessary to expand each individual’s knowledge, developing a more professional presence. Develop dynamic communication through dialogue and presentation techniques designed to work on every aspect of showmanship from voice to showmanship to visual aids. Participants will also learn the critical skill of crafting a memorable message that has impact for each audience. For a refreshing change of pace experience the one and only Total Expression difference.

Learn how to:

  • Establish a professional presence.
  • Build a faster rapport with your audience.
  • Take a fresh approach to handling challenges.
  • Enhance your self-confidence with effective communication skills.
  • Actualize the art of self-expression and be more dynamic in your presentations.
  • Develop a more engaging voice.
  • Practice and improve the use of visual aids.
  • Use feedback to positively change behavior and improve your image.
  • Increase the impact of your message, maximizing audience retention.

Target Audience: Ideal for ALL Employees

Optimal Program Length: 3 Days

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