Course Overview:
Creating Service Excellence

Your service quality can help your organization survive the increasing onslaught of competition in today’s marketplace. Any organization’s ability to survive and prosper depends on its’ ability to discover how to identify and satisfy its’ customer’s needs. Successful organizations contain people who have been thoroughly trained on how to recognize those needs and provide quality in every aspect for their customers.

Employees must be able to deal effectively with a rapidly changing business environment, understanding and fulfilling customer expectations. The ability to deal with change within the organization and with customers becomes critical to customer applications. This Workshop can provide all of these critical skills with an opportunity to practice and discuss how to perform customer service within the context of your business.

The areas covered in this program include:

  • Importance of understanding customer expectations and listening to customer feedback
  • with Change and the stages of change
  • Application of your organization values
  • Achieving quality and timeliness standards
  • Impact of Proactive versus Reactive
  • The Power of Questions
  • Personal Accountability

Participants will gain insights and service techniques through this Workshop’s discussions and opportunities to apply the concepts learned in class. This valuable Workshop can enhance the service quality and customer satisfaction to meet organizational goals.

Learn how to:

  • Identify opportunities for growth.
  • Review customer feedback.
  • Manage business change effectively.
  • Apply proactive solutions.
  • Ensure quality in every business aspect.
  • Use questions to obtain and clarify information.

Target Audience: Employees who interact with customers by phone or in person comprise the target audience.

Optimal Program Length: 1 Day

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