Course Overview:
The Winning Business Case

Businesses live with problems that cost them a substantial amount of money and manpower. Why? Because they do not know how to effectively tap into their most valuable resource the skills, talent and knowledge of employees on the frontline and throughout the organization.

Even though business problems can be identified and solutions developed at many levels of an organization it often takes executive or management leaders to provide resources and implementation support. Employees live with problems instead of resolving them because individuals who know about the problem and how to fix it:

  • Do not know how to construct a solid business case,
  • Do not know how to present their ideas to team members, management and executives in order to obtain support.
  • Are unable to get access to executives and managers who have the power to get the problem resolved.

In most cases these talents simply have not been developed. In The Winning Business Case participants develop their ability to solve problems, crystallize and develop their ideas as well as create synergy with the team. Speaking with clarity and knowing how to listen to what others are saying are valuable skills that are explored and developed in class. These skills create personal and organizational success. Savvy executives and managers want their team members to communicate their ideas with conviction and power.

A critical aspect of this course is the active involvement of executives and management team members through providing support before and after the class by creating a forum for each business case to be presented, reviewed and dispositioned. For maximum impact business case presentations developed during the class are presented to key management team members 3 to 4 weeks after the conclusion of the program. This process allows business leaders to assess individual talents in business knowledge, problem solving, presenting ideas and generating results-driven solutions.

Topics Covered / Learn how to:

  • Develop, structure and write your business case to yield results
  • Shift your mental model to remove limitations
  • Determine which problems are worth solving
  • Understand and apply 3 key business case elements
  • Learn the 5 steps to problem identification and resolution
  • Master creating and presenting a business case that calls for action

Optimal Program Length: 3 Days

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