Course Overview:
Professional Effectiveness:
Managing Your Career

There is no secret to moving your career where you want to go. However, there must be knowledge, skills and a deep desire to do those things that will yield results. This class provides the 14 key factors in career development.

Professional Effectiveness allows individuals to discover how they can maximize their contribution and identify the true business impact of their efforts. It opens doors to understanding how to increase job satisfaction at the same time you are growing your influence within the business.

Learn what a career plan can do for you. If you are interested in a positive future, understand what impact your future view has on your end result. Create your future view and the behavior that will allow you to achieve it. This relates to understanding role model behavior and the needs of the business. Your values have a tremendous impact on the actions you take and how you think. Know how to identify your values and those of the business and bring them into alignment.

Establishing a professional network is critical to professional effectiveness. Within your network finding the right coach and mentor(s) is important to your success. Another key is the ability to solicit and incorporate feedback for improvement, along with understanding the competencies you need to be excellent in your current endeavor.

In addition, a keen understanding of appropriate risk taking will move you forward. Your direction must also be aligned with a clear focus on producing results.

Topics Covered / Learn how to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand what your manager needs from you
  • Develop a firm grasp of business behaviors that make you stand out
  • Crystallize the value you bring to the business
  • Make your contribution visible
  • Establish solid relationships in and out of your organization
  • Know when and where to volunteer

Optimal Program Length: 1 Day

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