Course Overview:
Coaching: How The Best Coaches Coach

Coaching—to enable and inspire—proves a key leadership skill no matter how many employees you coach. This Workshop provides relevant coaching practices with a coaching model to apply in your organization. As a coach, your objective is to provide management with a proactive approach which features the ability to communicate with clarity, to create a “safe” environment that promotes two-way communication and to provide on-going, pertinent feedback that contributes to growth and progress versus identified key goals.

As a coach, you are a teacher, mentor, motivator, and a role model. This Workshop enhances your understanding and demonstration of effective coaching practices. Learn from the best practices of other coaches the attributes and skills to be the best coach for your employees.

Learn how to:

  • Enhance your coaching knowledge and skills.
  • Build effective rapport--mutual trust and respect--with your subordinates.
  • Develop a more productive work environment.
  • Practice and improve your coaching conversations.
  • Develop strategies for employee development and career pathing discussions.
  • Establish a motivated and cohesive team for getting results.

Target Audience: Managers and supervisors who have one (1) or more employees with the goal of improving their coaching skills with their team.

Optimal Program Length: 2 Days

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