Course Overview:
Strategic Planning Executive Retreat

There are several critical elements to developing an effective, focused strategic plan including: developing appropriate goals, drafting implementation plans, identifying goal inhibitors and addressing those inhibitors to enable goal achievement. In addition, each individual must both identify and understand his/her role and responsibility in contributing to organizational success.

Establishing organizational goals, participants will first explore their personal business goals as a way to understanding and developing relevant strategic plans. Strategic goals are the foundation for creating a cohesive organizational approach for sustaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Hands-on activities and exercises allow participants to experience how to successful apply the methods learned so they can reap powerful results. Explore what it takes to build plans that are both executable and achievable, obtaining a heightened level of performance.

An integral part of this program is the individual interviews of team members, which provide the foundation for tailoring the program to your organization’s needs.

Key Learning Points Include:

  • Leveraging the impact of critical, system and strategic thinking
  • Investigating the organizations current and future environment to focus future strategy and tactics
  • Promoting an understanding of organizational strategic goals in a meaningful, relevant, visible way
  • Developing individual/business goals that are clear, germane and significant
  • Embracing goal development and achievement as key success factors for individual and business success.
  • Removing barriers to goal achievement and meaningful results
  • Discovering and leveraging the value each individual contributes to the business
  • Differentiating between urgent and important tasks, concentrating on individual efforts and reactions to circumstances/situations
  • Identifying concerns and converting business specific issues to actionable items
  • Committing to organizational improvement efforts

Optimal Program Length: Open-Client Choice

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