Course Overview:
Business Savvy Leadership

For businesses to be successful, their employees at every level must take on the leadership role each and every day committed to the highest level of performance. Each leader’s success starts with self-leadership that begins from within each of us. One of the most powerful tools available to a leader is the mission statement. A personal mission statement can impact the way you look at the world and provide direction towards the personal and professional success you desire. A business mission statement gives leaders the clarity of action they need on the job.

Organizations function best when the leadership has the ability to understand and relate the business mission, goals and objectives. It is the human resource that is responsible for the every day running of the business. How the leadership develops and coaches employees is the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Internal communication stimulates or constricts the ability of the organization to respond to both employee needs and market demands. Learning about true organizational win/win can increase results and make your organization a competitive force. Setting and reinforcing standards and focusing on individual behavior through objective measurements creates an action oriented workforce. The appropriate use of delegation empowers employees to achieve organizational goals while nurturing the team as a whole, building momentum and trust.

Learn how to:

  • Apply key attributes and dynamics to meet the challenges of leadership
  • Lead through ability, rather than authority
  • Develop strategies for overcoming obstacles, eliminating excuses and building mental resilience
  • Relate the various aspects of coaching to move individuals to improved performance
  • Increase work productivity through delegation
  • Focus on developing and executing S.M.A.R.T. goals, crystallizing business value
  • Inspire others to action using structured feedback
  • Identify opportunities that direct employees to accomplishing organizational goals
  • Communicate organizational goals, fostering goodwill
  • Build relationships forming a collaborative work environment

Optimal Program Length: 2 Days

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